Kick Your Cable!

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Due to my mother recently having issues with her cable, I gathered inspiration for this blog post through her misfortune. Since moving into our new house in April of 2015, we have had nothing but problems with Dish TV. *please note, this is NOT a bad review for the company!*

My mother has talked about leaving Dish completely, and possibly transferring service to Direct TV. I am researching some options to cut cable completely to save money.

After only a few moments of research, I found one of the best options is to purchase an Amazon Firestick. This gives you access to Netflix, HBO Go, CBS, Hulu, ESPN, and Showtime. These are the basic applications available. This will turn any TV with a USB port, into a smart TV.

Please note, the Firestick does require an Internet connection.

Now I will get into the nitty-gritty details of the Amazon Firestick. There is an option to “jailbreak” or unlock a Firestick. This will give you the option to view any tv show or movie, new or old one hour after they air on live TV. This is done by downloading an application called Kodi to your Firestick. This does not take a super tech savvy person to do. I actually found a great tutorial to do this here. There are multiple tutorials available on this site, so choose the best option for you.

There are also people who sell Firesticks that are actually pre-jailbroken. These generally cost more, due to the labor put in to unlock the device. I would prefer to do it myself, honestly as it is the cheaper option.

I plan to purchase my Firestick through Amazon, and conduct the download of the necessary applications myself. I love saving money, so I plan to any way I can.

If you or someone you know would like to cut their cable bill out completely from your monthly budget, my best suggestion is to purchase an Amazon Firestick, and download Kodi.

If you are interested in purchasing a Firestick from Amazon (which is a great deal!), feel free to use my link below.

Purchase your Firestick Here!