Native American Way of Life

After I got off work today, my boyfriend and his dad decided to go arrowhead hunting, and I decided to tag along. As I wandered around in the field, I got to thinking about how Native Americans had lived. I also thought about how much times have changed since Native Americans once roamed our lands. I’m sure you’re thinking, okay Bree, but how do Native Americans and frugality tie together? How is it that we are living the Native American way of life?

Well, let me tell you! In today’s society ninety percent of our food comes from grocery stores. Back when Native Americans thrived, they had to rely on, you guessed it, hunting, fishing and gathering. As ludicrous as it may sound, some people today still use these techniques to save money on food.


Coming from a small, rural town I know many people who have planted gardens in their backyards. There are some things that you need to take into consideration before starting your garden, such as timing (when to plant your seeds), certain times different types of plants will grow, and the specific care each different type of plant will need.

In the past, my family and friends have successfully grown tomatoes, rhubarb, corn, peppers (green, jalapeno), squash, pumpkins, spices, and much much more. It is essential to do your research when wanting to start a garden, but just think, what is better than having access to the produce section of your grocery store in your backyard. Not only is it convenient, but think of all the savings that can come from not buying even some of your produce!


Not only is fishing a fun outdoor hobby, but it can literally supply you with plenty of filets for your next fish fry! Nothing tastes better than fish you have caught yourself! Jokes aside, fish is a great source of protein and iron. If you find yourself purchasing fish from your local grocery store, consider going fishing instead! Fish can be quite expensive, depending on what type you wish to purchase, instead, you could spend a few hours outdoors, and catch your meal yourself. If you are unsure how to prepare fish, there are plenty of great recipes on Pinterest!

Before getting out there, please make sure to obtain the proper license to fish in your state. Once you have your license, hit up any lake, pond, or river near you and get your fish on.


Hunting is not only another outdoor hobby that many people enjoy, but it is what the Native Americans relied on to eat. I hear a lot of people being uneasy about hunting, but there is a difference in hunting for food, or just trophy hunting. I just recently became introduced to the world of hunting (thanks to my boyfriend) and honestly, I couldn’t be happier that I did. Although hunting is not a cheap hobby to begin, the benefits will begin to outweigh the initial cost.

Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to bag a deer this year. On the other hand, my boyfriend did! He was able to have the deer processed for $65, and brought home seventeen pounds of ground burger and twenty packs of steaks and chops mixed. That is incredibly cheap in comparison of what you would pay at the grocery store for ground beef and steaks and chops.

Again, this is not a cheap hobby to start up, but the benefits that are reaped soon outweigh the cost of startup. Also, be sure to read up on the laws of your state regarding hunting, and obtain the proper license for your state.

Not everyone is open to the idea of going to extremes such as hunting and fishing to save money. If you are an outdoorsy person who is looking for extra ways to save money on groceries hunting, fishing, or gardening may be the perfect fit for you!

Would you be open to give hunting, fishing, or gardening a try to save some money?