Planners: Organize and Prioritize Like a Boss

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In my Importance of Organization post, which can be seen here, I mentioned my use of a planner. I hated being forced to use a planner in my school days, but now, I honestly couldn’t live without one!

In recent days, it seems that everyone is going to virtual scheduling. Not me. I still enjoy the “old school” route of paper and a pen. Actually having something to physically hold on to and see is something I prefer.

I love the satisfaction of filling my planner and being able to cross things off as I accomplish the them. Typically I list all the things I need to accomplish in a day.

I actually have two different planners. One that I use for my personal life for things like bill due dates, appointments, and to do lists. I have a second planner for my editorial calendar for my blog. In my editorial calendar, I schedule each part of my blog posts including outlining, drafting, editing, publication, and promoting.

My favorite planner right now is the See It Bigger Planner. This planner features monthly calendars, as well as a weekly planning section. The biggest factor I love about this planner is the amount of space for each day of the week.

These planners range in size, so they are perfect for everyone. I have one that I keep in my purse for personal use and the other is kept with all of my blogging materials. The two I chose have crazy cute designs. For those of you that prefer a more professional appearance, the planners also come in a variety of plain, tasteful colors.


Interested in purchasing a planner? Click here to see all available planners.

Plan Like a Boss

For those of you that are currently using a planner, what is your favorite planner? What type of things do you list in your planner?

To those of you that are currently not utilizing a planner, what do you plan to use your planner for?


Importance of Organization

I often think back to my school days, bewildered. How did I make it through twelve years of school? Honestly, I was one of the most unorganized people I knew. Often times, I couldn’t keep keep track of assignments, important papers, due dates, and occasionally even textbooks. I didn’t know the importance of organization.

Flash forward to my first year of college, August of 2015. I knew I needed to make some serious changes and improve my organization skills. Before I even started classes I bought binders, folders, notebooks, and a planner. Each subject had it’s specific binders and folders. Everything had it’s place and was even color coordinated. All assignments were written into my planner by course and due dates.

Things began to click.

Today, I organize everything; receipts, bills, important documents, anything you can think of. All things have their place, and I ensure they make it to that place. Planners have also become a huge part of my life. Every year at the beginning of the year, I go out and purchase a planner. I begin by writing birthday’s, and other important dates. As the year progresses, I write in appointments, as well as dates bills are due.

Organization is a vital part of life no matter what stage of life you are in. If you are a student, you can use organization to keep track of your assignments and due dates. As a working adult, you can utilize organization to be sure you don’t miss work meetings or important conferences. Lastly, as a mom you can list your appointments and play dates all in one place. No matter where you are in life, organization will simplify your life. Never miss a coffee date with your friend, forget an appointment, or forget what it is you need to do next Tuesday.

Organization is vital to an easy, stress less life. Having things labeled, put away, and decluttered will keep your mind at ease.

What are YOU doing to stay organized in a hectic life?

PS, stay tuned! I am working on some organization printable sheets! Look for them this week!