Things to Do Before Buying a Home

As a 90’s baby, I was never taught anything regarding credit. All I knew was that you had to have a good score to buy a car, a house, etc. Today, I learned a very important credit lesson in regards to purchasing a home. I learned that there are a lot of things to do before buying a home.

My boyfriend and I have been looking into getting a place of our own. I wanted to explore the option of actually buying and completely avoid renting. I had been building my credit score steadily through my visa credit card. I thought that I would be able to get a loan, no problem.

Boy was I wrong.

My boyfriend, mother and I went to look at a mobile home for sale this morning. It was “reasonably” priced, and we just wanted to take a look at this option. At the end of the showing, the realtors asked if I would like to speak to a credit advisor. I agreed. I wanted to know where I stood and what probability of my getting a loan.

Only fifteen minutes after leaving the showing, the advisor called me. I gave her my information (full legal name, address, and social security number) and she ran my credit report. She also asked for my work history (at least a full year)?

She was very kind and explained everything for me. She explained that while I have a terrific credit score, I only have one streamline of credit. That means I only have one thing contributing to my credit score rating (my Visa card). Loan investors typically require two different streams of credit, so that meant I was out.

Another issue was my work history. I have had four jobs over the course of two years and never more than eight months at a time at any of the jobs. This was the BIGGEST issue. She told me that investors won’t even give the application a second look if you don’t have solid work history.

My heart was crushed.

I had always thought as long as you had a good credit score, you would be approved for a loan. There is so much more to applying for and receiving a loan than I had thought. So I thought that I would provide you with a list of things to do before you try to apply for a loan.

Step 1. Building Your Credit

You can’t get a loan without credit. Plain and simple. The quickest way to build your credit is through credit cards. Apply for a credit card through your bank, this is the easiest way to get a credit card. After you get your card in the mail, make purchases. Start small, think gas or something you buy consistently. Pay those charges off immediately. If you can’t pay them off right after purchase, be sure to pay the statement balance ON TIME every month. Using this card every month will slowly but surely help build your credit score.

Step 2. Have Multiple Streams of Credit

As I stated above, many loan investors will overlook your application if you don’t have more than one streamline of credit. This means that you either have multiple credit cards, or have bills in your name along with a credit card.

Step 3: Contact a Loan Advisor

This step is vital. The advisor will let you know your credit score, and if you are able to get a loan. If you are unable to get a loan, the advisor will give you the appropriate steps you can take to get a loan.

Let this be a lesson to you! Follow these steps to ensure you are able to get a loan no problem!

2017 Goals

With the new year coming in less than twenty-four hours I have really been thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2017. Most of my focus will be put into my blog; I want to gain more traffic, followers on likes on ALL of my social media accounts, as well as my blog itself. I have already been doing research to accomplish this task.

Also, I want to expand my business from JUST blogging, to offering my services as a virtual assistant. I have an Associates Degree in Applied Business Technology which applies to overall administrative duties and office management. I am still doing tons of research on how to begin building my dream while using my degree.

I have other goals for 2017, such as wanting to make a full-time income through my blog and offering my services. I hope to be able to quit my full-time job to pursue my passion.

If you would like, follow along in my journey from broke to making money online doing what I love.

Also! Feel free to share your goals for 2017!

Why I Gave Up on Resolutions

Christmas is finally over, which means talk of New Years Resolutions are abundant. Everyone will be talking of hitting the gym, eating healthier, or trying to save money.

This year, I have decided to forego resolutions and I’m going to tell you why.

Far too many times I have seen people hitting the gym, eating healthy, or similar resolutions for only a few weeks and giving up because they aren’t seeing results.

I remember making resolutions, only lasting a month into the New Year. I grew tired of being *that* person. Instead, I have decided to make goals for myself. Smaller, attainable goals.

For example, I have set the goals of within a year, I want to make a full-time income through my services as a virtual assistant and my blog. That is my long term goal. Small time goals include within six months, I hope to find a new job, also that I want to perfect my skills as a VA (virtual assistant). In the next three months, I want to find my first client as a VA.

In the next few weeks, I plan to create a goal board. I will write a blog post along with the creation of the goal board.

Stay tuned!